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Design Issues cover research projects that pertain to the art and science of creating and sustaining the built environment and include case studies of projects.

Titlesort descending Date Author
A New Metal Halide Arc Lamp Feb 01, 1965 J. F. Waymouth, W. C. Gungle, J. M. Harris, F. Koury
A New Paradigm for the Design of Sustainable Buildings Apr 12, 2010 Warren Knowles, P.Eng, Brian Hubbs, P.Eng, Paul Kernan, MAIBC, Graham Finch, MASc
A New Paradigm of Design and Health Jul 01, 2003 Alan Dilani, Ph.D. (International Academy for Design and Health)
A New Scale of Relative Footcandles for the Luckiesh-Moss Visibility Meter Apr 01, 1950 Matthew Luckiesh, S. K. Guth, A. A. Eastman
A New Teaching Environment for Healthcare Providers Jul 01, 2000 Martha L. Rothman, FAIA, Elliot Paul Rothman , Steven Weinberger
A One Man User Group: The Architect Becomes a Patient Dec 01, 1999 David J. Reichard, AIA (Helman Hurley Charvat Peacock/Architects, Inc.)
A Parametric Metamorphosis of Islamic Geometric Patterns: The Extraction of New from Traditional Apr 06, 2015 Mostafa Alani (Clemson University), Carlos Barrios (Clemson University)
A Patient Room Prototype: Bridging Design and Research Sep 01, 2008 Dina Battisto, Ph.D., March, David Allison, AIA, ACHA
A Preference Study among Four Interior Architectural Geometries in a Semi-Immersive Virtual Environment Sep 18, 2014 Hannah Hobbs, M.Arch (NewSchool of Architecture + Design)
A Procedure for Calculating the Potential Savings in Lighting Energy from the Use of Skylights Jul 01, 1977 Joseph B. Murdoch
A protectED ROOM: Design of Responsive and Acuity Adaptable Behavioral Health Room for Emergency Departments Jul 11, 2017 Chai Jayachandran, AIA, EDAC, LEED AP BD+C, Ryan Ramsey, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP BD+C (Perkins+Will), Annette Roehl, BSN-RN CCRN (Swedish Medical Center)
A Quest for Visualizing the Data through an Inquiry on Alternative Household Types Jun 23, 2010 Nilay Unsal Gulmez (Bahcesehir University)
A Research Protocol for a Field Study of Behavior, Comfort, and Energy Consumption in Student Residence Halls Jun 23, 2010 Thomas Collins, AIA, LEED AP (University of Oregon)
A Research-Based Environment: A NICU That Feels Like Home Oct 01, 1998 Susan T. Williams, AIA (E. Lynn App Architects, Inc.), Cynthia A. Burger, RN, BSN (The Children's Medical Center, Dayton, OH)
A Room of One's Own: An Innovative Model for Patient-Centered Surgical Care Oct 01, 1999 Peter S. Harsh, AIA, CCS (E. Lynn App Architects, Inc.), Todd A. Gindelberger, AIA (E. Lynn App Architects, Inc.), Ami M. Bement (E. Lynn App Architects, Inc.), Mary M. Gregory, RN, BA, BSN (HealthCare Design Consultant), Karen S. Herby, RN, MBA, CHE (The Children's Medical Center, Dayton, OH)
A Semi-immersive Virtual Environment Preference Study of Four Interior Architectural Geometries Apr 06, 2015 Hannah Hobbs (NewSchool of Architecture + Design), Kurt Hunker (NewSchool of Architecture + Design), Vuslat Demircay (NewSchool of Architecture + Design), Tiffany Rodriguez (NewSchool of Architecture + Design), Rajaa Issa (NewSchool of Architecture + Design)
A Simple Model for Comparing Healthcare Staff Walking Efficiencies Across Different Hospital Floor Plan Designs Sep 26, 2012 Jeff Tyner, AIA, LEED AP BD+C (Perkins+Will), Sandra S. Dunbar, RN-BC (Gwinett Medical Center), Bowman O. Davis, Jr., PhD (Kennesaw State University)
A Single-Room NICU-The Next Generation Evolution in the Design of Neonatal Intensive Care Units Oct 01, 2003 Naresh S. Mathur, AIA (HKS Inc.)
A Smarter Helping Hand Dec 01, 2011 Scott Gerald Shall, RA (Temple University)
A Standardized Case Study Framework and Methodology to Identify "Best Practices" Mar 27, 2013 Dina Battisto (Clemson University), Deborah Franqui (Clemson University)
A State-of-the-Future Surgical Platform at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Oct 01, 2006 Douglas Gordon, AIA (Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz)
A Study Examines the Relationship Between the Physical Environment and Residents with Alzheimers Disease Nov 20, 2017 The Center for Heath Design
A Study for Carbon Neutrality: The Impact of Decisions, Design and Energy: Transforming Residence Life May 01, 2009 Dana Anderson, AIA, LEED AP (Perkins+Will), Patrick Cunningham, LEED AP (Perkins+Will), David Damon, AIA, LEED AP (Perkins+Will), Yanel de Angel, AIA, LEED AP (Perkins+Will)
A Study of a Neuro-Architectural Approach to Create Salutogenic Environments for Children Diagnosed with Autism Sep 18, 2014 Ayesha Ghazanfar (The University of Sheffield)
A Study of Occupant Engagement: Energy Reduction Using an Online Competition Dashboard Jun 10, 2011 Michael Driedger, BA Dipl. T., LEED AP BD+C (Perkins+Will)