Activating the Workplace: The Impact of Active Workstations on Employee Effectiveness

Dec 29, 2017

This research discusses how active workstations affect physical and psychological well-being, as well as employee effectiveness in office environments. For the purposes of this paper, active workstations are defined as height-adjustable and treadmill desks.

This literature review study analyzes existing publications. It offers insight about how height-adjustable workstations and treadmill desks impact cognitive functions, productivity, and performance of office workers.

Findings suggest that height-adjustable desks have a neutral or positive impact on cognitive function and productivity/performance, and a positive impact on psychological outcomes, such as mood or energy levels. Research on the relationship between treadmill desks and employee effectiveness is still emerging, but preliminary evidence suggests that treadmill desks have a neutral or positive effect on cognitive function and psychological outcomes like boredom and satisfaction, and a mixed impact on productivity/performance.

keywords: active workstation; workplace; cognitive function; productivity; well-being

Mary Baker (Perkins+Will)
Perkins+Will Research Journal
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