About the Building Research Information Knowledgebase (BRIK)

A collaborative effort of the American Institute of Architects and the National Institute of Building Sciences, the Building Research Information Knowledgebase (BRIK) is an interactive portal offering online access to peer-reviewed research projects and case studies in all facets of building, from predesign, design, and construction through occupancy and reuse.

BRIK offers a user-friendly approach to those involved in creating the built environment—from researchers to clients to builders to designers to occupants—to help them find the building research, information, and knowledge they need to design, build, own, and operate high-performance buildings.

BRIK presents reseach programs and products in three, clearly defined and identified levels:

  • Partners’ research will be vetted under a Memorandum of Agreement with partnering non-profit associations, educational institutions, national labs, government agencies, firms and companies; and
  • Individuals may submit research that will be reviewed before posting.

For more information about BRIK including research contribution opportunities, read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Watch the 4-minute BRIK online video to learn more about BRIK and its features.

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