Architecture and Recovery: Understanding the Role of Domestic Residential Spaces in Assisting and Enhancing Stroke Recovery

Sep 23, 2016

This research brings together a team of neuroscientists, architects, landscape architects and designers in order to better understand the role of architecture and the built environment in assisting and facilitating stroke recovery. This research addresses the important role of domestic residential, landscape and urban environments in enhancing patient recovery after the acute and sub-acute periods.

Michael Chapman (University of Newcastle, Australia)
Michael Nilsson (University of Newcastle, Australia)
Warren Reilly (University of Newcastle, Australia)
Chris Tucker (University of Newcastle, Australia)
Frederick Rohan Walker (University of Newcastle, Australia)
Sue Anne Ware (University of Newcastle, Australia)
Presented at: 
2016 ANFA Conference (Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla, CA)
Published & professionally reviewed by: 
Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture

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