Balancing Security/Safety and Sustainability Objectives

Sep 09, 2010

This Resource Page of the Whole Buildings Design Guide aims to provide designers with an understanding of the interaction between security/safety and sustainability objectives by emphasizing the 'whole building' or integrated design process, identifying areas of synergy and potential conflicts between sustainable and security/safety approaches, and highlighting sustainability opportunities within certain security/safety strategies. On the surface, it may appear that secure/safe design has little relationship to sustainable design. Yet, security and safety measures, such as those for anti-terrorism, must be considered within a total project context, including impacts on occupants and the environment, regardless of the level of protection deemed appropriate. Further, today's security design is based on a multi-hazard approach, that is, looking at the impact of all hazards on a project: natural, criminal, terrorist, and accidental. This Resource Page contains case studies of the Alfred A. Arraj United States Courthouse in Denver and the California Office of Emergency Services in Sacramento.

Richard Paradis, PE, BSCP, National Institute of Building Sciences
Bambi Tran, Steven Winter Associates
Published & professionally reviewed by: 
Whole Buildings Design Guide Secure/Safe Subcommittee

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