BIM, Education and the Global Economy

Apr 01, 2008

Building information modeling (BIM) will soon deliver the AEC to the global economy, ushering in many opportunities as well as challenges. Increasingly, project teams will be comprised of consultants from around the world as firms vie for projects and resources with global competitors. New degrees of collaboration with international players will become possible. Building assemblies will be manufactured all over the world and customized manufactured building components will permeate the industry, sustaining new economies of scale and quality. While these claims may seem far from the industry of today, we can already see the beginnings of this transformation within the construction world and must ensure that the next generation can skillfully wield the technologies now reshaping the industry on a global scale.

Hector L. Camps, PHI Cubed Inc.
Journal of Building Information Modeling (JBIM) National Institute of Building Sciences
Published & professionally reviewed by: 
buildingSMART alliance (National Institute of Building Sciences)

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