BIM as a Risk Management Tool: Creating As-built Models for Municipal Management

Apr 01, 2011

facility maintenance divisions of municipalities, both large and small. Regardless of the size of the municipality, the amount of information available is overwhelming when viewed by the relatively small number of people employed to manage it. The evolution of computers and information technology has made it easier for cities of various sizes to collect large amounts of data from more sources and this compounds the problem. Every municipal facility is unique, with different operational and Maintenance costs, intended use and level of security. The problems associated with data management are exacerbated by the sheer number and variety of these facilities. Cities now have the capacity to integrate sustainability concepts into facilities and infuse them with increased longevity. The ability to lower energy consumption requires an efficient model to help manage the large volume of Collected data.

Jay McBride, construction manager
Robert Steffen, PhD, PE, Western Carolina University
Doug Kinard, Western Carolina University
Journal of Building Information Modeling (JBIM) National Institute of Building Sciences
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buildingSMART alliance (National Institute of Building Sciences)

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