Checklist for Infection Control Concerns When Reopening Healthcare Facilities Closed Due to Extensive Water and Wind Damages

Jul 10, 2014

Prior to opening a healthcare facility that has undergone extensive water and wind damage, inspections need to be conducted to determine if the building is salvageable. If the decision is made to proceed with recovery and remediation, building and life safety inspections must be completed before any restoration work is done to the facility. Parts I - IV (Safety Evaluation; Water Removal; Water Damage Assessment and Mold Remediation; and Inspect, Repair, Disinfect Where Appropriate, or Replace Facility infrastructure) describe those activities that need to be completed. Parts V - VI (General Inventory of Areas with Water and Wind Damage and Review Issues for Opening Facilities) provide guidance for infection control review of facilities to be done before the hospital can reopen.

Prior to opening any portion of a facility such as emergency rooms or clinics, adequate support services need to be available to provide quality care in a safe environment. Contracting with outside services could be considered.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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