Convergence of Intensity [Ci] or How to Purposely Shrink a City

Dec 01, 2011

Since completing the AIA RFP grant in 2008, the researchers have continued the value densification design research with the community and expanded the urban design initiatives to envision a more equitable and sustainable city. The researchers have focused their continued applied design research both practically and theoretically, asking, “What form would the post-industrial city take if shrinkage were purposeful?” The research team defines this purposeful phenomenon of “resizing” the city based upon broadly defined density metrics as intensive convergence or a convergence of intensity [Ci]. This essay provides an update on the other applications of their value densification interface, a brief background on their expanded theoretical approach, and a description of further work, which constitutes an initial application of the Ci theory via formal urban design recommendations. Detroit serves as the context for the first application of Ci, but the research team believes that the design methodology is replicable and widely applicable to empower the purposeful shrinkage of cities across the globe.

Constance C. Bodurow (Lawrence Technological University)
Calvin Creech (Lawrence Technological University)
Alan Hoback (University of Detroit Mercy)
Jordan R.M. Martin (Lawrence Technological University)
Aaron Olko (Lawrence Technological University)
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The American Institute of Architects

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