Creating Patient-Centered Environments for Cancer Care

Jul 01, 2003

This article discusses and illustrates eight concepts associated with creating a patient-centered cancer care environment:
1. A focus on the needs and concerns of the patient and the caregivers drawn from their circle of family and friends.
2. Minimization of stress-inducing environmental factors.
3. Preservation of patient privacy and dignity.
4. Provision of positive, comfortable environments designed with a hospitality vocabulary.
5. Incorporation of life-affirming features.
6. Built-in ability to accommodate rapid change in technology and treatment protocols.
7. Separation of staff areas and support space from patient areas.
8. Efficient use of the care team’s time with the patient and of the patient’s time in the facility.

Mary-Jean Eastman, FAIA, OAQ, OAA (Perkins Eastman)
Presented at: 
Design & Health World Congress & Exhibition (WCDH 2003, Montreal)
Published & professionally reviewed by: 
The International Academy for Design and Health

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