Domestic and Foreign Urban Continuing Care Retirement Communities of Today and Tomorrow

Oct 01, 2000

The purpose of this study is to define the problems associated with residents in housing for the elderly, classify types of facilities for the elderly, and define types of continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs). The report will also analyze case studies of significant urban and suburban CCRCs and point the way toward enhanced architectural solutions to meet society's need for healthier and more satisfactory living environments for the elderly. The case study provides a brief introduction to select domestic and foreign CCRCs with notable design features.

The Academy Journal is published by the AIA Academy of Architecture for Health (AAH). The Journal is the official publication of the AAH and explores subjects of interest to AIA-AAH members and to others involved in the fields of healthcare architecture, planning, design and construction.

Jae Seung Park, PhD, AIA (Department of Architecture, HanYang University, Seoul, Korea)
Joseph G. Sprague, FAIA, FACHA (Director of Health Facilities, HKS, Inc.)
The Academy Journal of the Academy of Architecture for Health (AAH)
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The American Institute of Architects

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