Energy Efficient Lighting System Design for Hospitals Diagnostic and Treatment Room—A Case Study

Jan 01, 2012

Lighting plays an important role in the Hospital Diagnostic and Treatment Room. It shall be environmentally and functionally suitable for three groups of people: patients, hospital professionals and visitors. On the other hand lighting is considered a major consumer of electrical energy and therefore, hospital lighting design should consider the visual performance, visual comfort and energy efficiency. This article discusses the performance of different types of lighting installations used for hospital lighting system design applications: first the visual comfort and second to save energy consumptions in such applications. DIALux 4.8 simulation software is used to study and evaluate the efficient lighting scheme for the hospitals through the use of different types of lamps. Also, visual environment lighting system design procedure is explained. Economics of different lighting scenarios are highlighted.

Safaa ALZUBAIDI and Prashant Kumar SOORI
Journal of Light and Visual Environment
Published & professionally reviewed by: 
The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan

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