Enhancing the Hospital Healing Environment through Art and Day-lighting

Dec 01, 2014

The ideology behind healing is a psychological and spiritual concept of health. Over the past few decades, the integration of a healing environment into medicine has taken a more holistic approach, and has transformed the hospital atmosphere into an exhilarating place, which affects both staff and patients’ well-being. Investigators have revealed that visual stimulation of nature, natural lighting, artwork, relaxing colours, and therapeutic sound can greatly accelerate the therapeutic process and create a less stressful hospital premises. This paper focuses on the hospital interior spaces and its positive influence to facilitate patients’ wellness and staff task satisfaction through art and day-lighting. The research techniques adopted include, related frameworks, on-site observations, and 50 administered controlled questionnaires. Apparently, artwork and natural daylight have the potentials to facilitate better healing condition on patients’ well-being and hospital care providers’ task satisfaction. Although, further research will still be required to quantify and validate this hypothesis.

Timothy Onosahwo Iyendo
International Journal of Arts and Commerce
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Department of Architecture, Eastern Mediterranean University

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