Green Building Incentives: A Review

Jun 30, 2016

• Financial incentives involve grants, rebates, tax incentives and discounted development application fees. There are also non-financial incentives which include but are not limited to Floor Area Ratio (FAR) bonuses, technical assistance, and expedited permitting.

This paper aims to elicit the common themes in studies of green building incentives through a systematic review. The common research areas into green building incentives are incentive categorization, its effectiveness on promoting green building development, criticism of current green incentive implementation, and strategies for improving green building incentives. Green building incentives are categorized into external and internal incentives. The external incentive is a forced choice whereby beneficiaries are required to fulfill specified conditions or requirements before benefiting, while the internal incentive allows beneficiaries to be incentivized out of volition because of the appeal of the benefits of green buildings.

Olubunmi, O.A., Xia, P.B., & Skitmore, M. (2016). Green Building Incentives: A Review. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 59, 1611-1621.

Olanipekun Ayokunle Olubunmi
Paul Bo Xia
Martin Skitmore
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

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