Health Indicator Mapping: A Methodology for Visualizing Community Health

Nov 28, 2016

The article presents a literature review, determines factors that relate to the built environment and healthcare practice, and shows how GIS can be used to visualize these factors and their effects on community health. The literature suggests that levels of income and education, employment and health insurance status, as well as access to transportation and food, are all related to community health. The research methodology was to create a GIS map using publicly available and open-source data to visualize these community health indicators using Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia as a case study. This work provides a detailed roadmap for future projects to enable teams to implement health mapping data.

keywords: healthcare, GIS, mapping, data analysis, community health, health indicators

Audrey Plummer, AICP, LEED AP+ND (Perkins+Will)
Perkins+Will Research Journal
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