Housing with Dignity: A Post-Occupancy Evaluation of Single Resident Occupancy Units

Mar 11, 2007

This paper reports on a post-occupancy evaluation (POE) of single resident occupancy (SRO) units. The evaluation team investigated current conditions in several SRO buildings in San Francisco, California, and developed recommendations for future projects. The research, conducted as part of a POE course at the University of Oregon, incorporated surveys, interviews, focus group meetings, and behavior observations. The study findings indicate that the size of individual rooms is less important than the configuration of those rooms and their relationship to easily accessible common areas, which include small, shared kitchens and secure bathroom suites.

Mark L. Gillem (University of Oregon)
Stacey Croll (University of Oregon)
EDRA38/2007 Proceedings
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Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA)

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