Impact of Design, Establishment of Knowledge: The Exchange between the Design Project and the Conceptual Framework of the City

Jun 23, 2010

This paper investigates in what manner design can perform as an instrument of research. As a case study, design work performed by the author in an academic environment, having Hanoi as the locus of investigation, illustrates how architectural questioning impacts the process of establishing the case for a design approach, and moreover, can establish scientifically exchangeable knowledge.

Marijn Van De Weijer (K.U. Leuven; UHasselt)
Koenraad Van Cleempoel (UHasselt)
Hilde Heynen (K.U. Leuven)
Presented at: 
ARCC/EAAE 2010 International Conference on Architectural Research
Published & professionally reviewed by: 
Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC)

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