Influence of Positive Distractions on Children's in Two Clinic Waiting Areas

Jan 08, 2013

Objective: To examine the influence of positive distraction on the behavior and activities of children in two clinic waiting areas.
Can positive distractions in the waiting areas improve the waiting experience, as indicated by the behavior and activities of the children’s waiting for treatment? Positive distractions in the form of artwork, virtual reality, music, and other forms have shown positive impact on patients undergoing treatment. Will that hold true for the waiting experience?
Method: Five distraction conditions were randomly introduced in the waiting area of the dental and cardiac clinics at a major pediatric tertiary care center through a single plasma screen intervention.
Results: Data analyses show that the introduction of distraction conditions was associated with higher calm behavior and less fine and gross movement, suggesting significant calming effects of the distraction conditions. Data also suggest that positive distraction conditions are significant attention grabbers. Data suggests that positive distractions could be an important contributing source to improving the waiting experience for children in hospitals by improving the environmental attractiveness.

Debajyoti Pati
Upali Nanda
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