Integrated Patient Entertainment: Positive Reaction to a Positive Distraction

Dec 11, 2013

At Children’s Medical Center Dallas its mission is straightforward: Making Life Better for Children. “That transcends just the clinical environment as many of our patients have afflictions that force Children’s to be their home away from home,” says Judson Orlando, director of the planning, design and construction for the hospital. “We have made it a commitment to provide patient and family services to look out for the greater well-being of each child.”

One of the notable ways that Children’s is providing that extra level of care is with a suite of entertainment amenities that includes an internal television network, the Red Balloon Network, which is broadcast into every inpatient and outpatient room on three campuses. Programming for the network includes live shows broadcast from the Seacrest Studios, an interactive space for patients to explore the creative realms of radio, television and additional media providing opportunities for patients to learn, explore and play interactive games. Seacrest Studios, which is the result of a partnership between Children’s and the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, also offers a performance stage, which serves as a venue for celebrities, artists and performers who visit Children’s Medical Center, as well as a courtyard for visitors to enjoy activities occurring inside of the studio.

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