Introducing the BEST 4 Conference on Behalf of the Technical Committee

Apr 13, 2015

BEST4 Technical Committee Conference Chair, Mark Bomberg D. Sc. (Eng) , Techn. D, PE, honorary member of BETEC/NIBS, offers an overview of what building science is, and how this has translated into the focus of the BEST conferences over the years. It sets expectations for BEST4, which, with its theme of "Performance Driven Architectural Design," explores the issue of synchronized form and function.

(This entry contains a presentation in PDF.)

Mark Bomberg, D. Sc. (Eng) , Techn. D, PE
Proceedings of the BEST4 Conference
Presented at: 
BEST4 Conference
Published & professionally reviewed by: 
BEST4 Technical Committee, National Institute of Building Sciences

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