Luminaire Light Distribution Principles

Dec 01, 1955

Modern roadway lighting practice involves luminaire light distributions which are controlled and proportioned to provide efficient seeing and to aid the rapidly increasing night use of motor vehicle transportation. The comfort, convenience, and safety objectives of luminaire development and application are of significance to the public. Hence there is an impelling obligation to investigate and evaluate prospects for the improvement of the seeing effectiveness of roadway lighting.

Correlation of objective data with laboratory, field, calculated, and in-practice studies will have a common basis comprising the roadway, the vehicle and the driver. This obviously should be the basis for the presentation of luminaire light distribution data.

This paper includes suggested methods for presentation of the current light distribution principles for better understanding and appreciation of the considerable effect which directional control and proportioning of luminaire candlepower has on the factors involved in seeing.

Charles Rex
Presented at: 
Annual Convention of the Illuminating Engineering Society
Published & professionally reviewed by: 
Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)

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