A Quantitative Analysis of Thermal Bridging

Feb 01, 2014

Thermal bridging in building construction is a ell-understood phenomenon, resulting most frequently from structural elements made of high-conduction materials that penetrate through insulation layers and create a path for largely unimpeded heat transfer. This article explains a research initiative undertaken by Payette and Associate to bring more substantial data to the investigation of thermal bridges in commercial construction. By using thermal imaging equipment to quantify actual performance of built installations, the results can be used to suggest--then analyze--performance improvements. Preliminary results from the study indicate that it is possible to affect 50-percent or greater reductions in the impact of common thermal bridges by using careful detailing and readily available products.

Andrea Love, AIA, and Charles S. Klee, AIA, Payette Associates
Published & professionally reviewed by: 
Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council (BETEC), NIBS),

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