Research summary: Inmate Health and IAQ in Correctional Facilities

Dec 31, 2014

A study was conducted on the interior and exterior air quality at a correctional facility in New Jersey, which was located on a reclaimed tidal marshland landfill. Researchers determined if indoor air quality (IAQ) was affecting the health of inmates and correctional workers in response to ongoing health complaints by both populations that began a few years after the facility was constructed.

This research summary, prepared by the AIA Academy of Architecture for Justice (AAJ) in 2014, is adapted from:
Author: Joseph Ofungwu, The Louis Berger Group, Oxford, New Jersey
Article Title: Indoor Air Quality Investigation and Health Risk Assessment at Correctional Institutions
Publisher: Wiley
Publication: Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management
Publication Type: Refereed Journal
Date of Publication: April 2005
Volume: 1
Issue: 2
Pages: 135-141

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