Residential Healthcare Facilities 2014 Guidelines Revision Project: Resident Room

Jul 01, 2012

The workgroup reviewed and evaluated the criteria for resident rooms currently provided within the 2010 Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities. Current language utilizes a performance approach to the design of resident rooms. The goal of the workgroup was to consider additional guidelines that would be expanded based upon research and a best practices approach, as well as performance approach. The evaluation of resident rooms also included the review of the 2010 elements provided for potential modifications, additions, etc. The noted increase use of battery operated vehicles and other equipment, including the residents’ use of technology, add to the impetus of evaluating the criteria for resident rooms.

Overall, the workgroup evaluated resident rooms utilizing the filter of Federal requirements for nursing homes and legislation to further develop guidelines that enhance residents’ quality of life. The results of this review include proposals for not only the resident room, but positive impacts on other areas of all types of residential facilities as well.

Residential Health Care Workgroup
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The Center for Health Design

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