Sabin+Jones LabStudio: Nonlinear Systems Biology and Design

Dec 01, 2011

Within LabStudio, architects, scientists, engineers and mathematicians collaborate in a reciprocal and direct fashion to develop, analyze and abstract dynamic, biological systems through the generation and design of new tools and material constructions. These approaches for modeling complexity and visualizing large datasets are subsequently applied to architectural and biomedical research and design. In the first phase, the researchers chose to focus their projects that examined Surface Design, Motility and Networking behaviors in living systems, based upon the unique research potential of each towards application in architecture and biomedicine. The funded work for the awarded AIA Upjohn grant focused solely upon the Surface Design research trajectory. This report features architectural projects and outcomes from all three research tracks.

Jenny E. Sabin, M.Arch. (University of Pennsylvania)
Peter Lloyd Jones, Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania)
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The American Institute of Architects

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