Spirit of Place, Spirit of Discovery: Special Program to Celebrate the Centenary of Jonas Salk’s Birth

Sep 18, 2014

This special session in honor of Jonas Salk’s centenary considers his contributions in the field of architecture, including the stimulus he provided which led to the formation of ANFA and the special relationship that existed between scientist and architect that resulted in the design of the Salk Institute. It will also consider the particular features of the Salk Institute’s design which shape the experience people have of the site, the neural mechanisms underlying profound and transformative aesthetic experiences, and the “Anatomy of Reality” (the title of Jonas Salk’s last book) that may underlie the human experience of grand architecture.

Peter Salk, M.D.
Johnathan D. Salk, M.D.
John Paul Eberhard, FAIA
Presented at: 
2014 ANFA Conference (Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla, CA)
Published & professionally reviewed by: 
Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture

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