Targeting Client Goals within a Performance Framework

Jun 16, 2008

"Targeting Client Goals within a Performance Framework: Facility Maintenance KPIs as Facilitators of Strategic Organizational Objectives"
In this paper the authors illustrate a series of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in facility maintenance that could be successfully utilized to address such higher-level client objectives as health and creativity. Two types of indicators are introduced based on: (1) normative models in biophysics and physiology; and (2) empiricist models of Environment-Behavior studies. When combined, the two sets of indicators address the issue from the perspectives of building engineering and user-environment interaction, respectively, in a holistic approach to support strategic organizational objectives.

Debajyoti Pati
Cheol-Soo Park
Godfried Augenbroe
Presented at: 
CIB W070 conference, Edinburgh, UK, June 16-18, 2008
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