Zero Net Energy Case Study Buildings - Volume 2

Apr 30, 2016

• Case study report of six Net-Zero energy buildings.
• Thorough case study descriptions outlining passive/climate design strategies, reductions in operating costs, and economic analyses.
• Outlines general trends in Net-Zero energy buildings from technology to design team structure. Outlines lessons learned for future projects.

Volume 2 of Zero Net Energy Case Study Buildings, like Volume 1, provides a detailed discussion and analysis of a number of exemplary buildings designed and, so far, performing at zero-net-energy use over the course of a year. As noted in the Foreword, the time between the occupancy of the Volume 1 buildings and that of the Volume 2 buildings, roughly three to seven years, saw advances in building technologies and dissemination of information about successful strategies for ZNE design. The result has been the informed development of the best approaches to the design and construction of ZNE buildings that are meeting practical requirements of reliability and affordability. Five buildings from this next round of ZNE projects are documented in this publication.

Edward Dean
Published & professionally reviewed by: 
Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)

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