Architectural Research Centers Consortium, Inc. (ARCC)

The Architectural Research Centers Consortium, Inc. (ARCC) is an international association of architectural research centers committed to the expansion of the research culture and a supporting infrastructure in architecture and related design disciplines. Since its founding as a non-profit corporation in 1976, ARCC has represented a concerted commitment to the improvement of the physical environment and the quality of life.

Historically, ARCC's members have been schools of architecture who have made substantial commitments to architectural research, often by forming centers directed to research programs. At the same time, ARCC has sponsored many projects, conferences, and other activities involving the broader architectural research community, including industrial laboratories, government agencies, and private practitioners engaged in research. For more information, visit

Research Submitted

Title Author Datesort descending
Performative Parametric Design of Radiation Responsive Screens Henry Marroquin (BRPH), Mate Thitisawat (Florida Atlantic University) , Emmanouil Vermisso (Florida Atlantic University) Mar 27, 2013
Revealing the Energy Efficiency of Housing in Chile Rodrigo García-Alvarado (Universidad del Bío-Bío) Mar 27, 2013
Visible Ventilation: A Return to Passive Cooling Sophia Duluk (University of Oregon), Toshi Woudenberg (University of Oregon), Wesley Thompson (University of Oregon), Alison G. Kwok (University of Oregon) Mar 27, 2013
Making Sustainability Visible: Two Early Childhood Education Centers Jenny Young (University of Oregon), Anna Liu (University of Oregon) Mar 27, 2013
Digital Tools for Masonry Design and Construction T. Russell Gentry (Georgia Institute of Technology) Mar 27, 2013
Auto-tuning Daylight with LEDs: Sustainable Lighting for Health and Wellbeing Eugenia V. Ellis (Drexel University), Elizabeth W. Gonzalez (Drexel University), David A. Kratzer (Philadelphia University), Donald L. McEachron (Drexel University), Greg Yeutter (Drexel University) Mar 27, 2013
Methods for Integrating Spatial Analysis in Assessment of Community Sustainability Azza Kamal (University of Texas at San Antonio), Hazem Rashed-Ali (University of Texas at San Antonio) Mar 27, 2013
Making Visible: Creating an Architect's Guide to Customized Repetitive Manufacturing Dana K. Gulling (North Carolina State University) Mar 27, 2013
Energy Consumption Monitors: Building Occupant Understanding and Behavior Casey Franklin (The University of Kansas), Jae Chang (The University of Kansas) Mar 27, 2013
Analysis of Smart City Models and the Four-Foci Taxonomy for Smart City Design Joongsub Kim (Lawrence Technological University), Annette Lerine Steenkamp (Lawrence Technological University) Mar 27, 2013