Led by a team of seasoned professionals, Strada is a cross-disciplinary design firm where architects and interior designers regularly collaborate with urban designers, landscape architects, and graphic designers to create places that people truly enjoy.

Architecture is not about buildings. It's about making places. Places for people. Sometimes those places are intimate and personal - a home or an office. Sometimes they're larger communities - a headquarters, a campus, or a city. They all have one thing in common. They're places for people. Places where people work, shop, learn, and live. Strada is about designing the very best places for people. Places where the lights go on not just in the ceiling, but in peoples' minds. Places that inspire creativity as well as productivity. Places worth building.

The best places reach beyond the merely functional, to connect people; to the past and the future, to the natural world and the built environment, to each other and to their dreams. By drawing insight from our experience and expertise, from knowing why, as well as how people and places work, we can make that happen. In a collaborative effort, we provide the knowledge and creativity that allow the team to go beyond common solutions.

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