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In Search of Healthy Communities: A Conceptual Framework for Engaging Developers Jun 14, 2017 Traci Rose Rider, PhD (North Carolina State University), J. Aaron Hipp, PhD (North Carolina State University), Margaret van Bakergem, MPH (North Carolina State University)
How Can Deep-cultural Patterns Aid in Resettlement? A Case Study of Three Marshallese Communities Jun 14, 2017 James P. Miller (University of Oregon)
The Energy Efficiency Prize: Simple Design to Overcome Complex Barriers Jun 14, 2017 Malini Srivastava (Carnegie Mellon University; North Dakota State University), Christofer Nelson (Georgetown University)
Apparatus X: Designing an Architecture for Civic Engagement May 13, 2015 Aaron Wertman (Pennsylvania State University), Marcus Shaffer (Pennsylvania State University), James Kalsbeek (Pennsylvania State University)
Urban Resilience: Measuring Place Identity in Sustainable Communities Apr 06, 2015 Celen Pasalar (North Carolina State University), George D. Hallowell (North Carolina State University), Aliaa Elabd (Alfaisal University, Riyadh, KSA)
Recycle as Architectural Cre-a[c]tive Strategy Apr 06, 2015 Moira Valeri (Yeditepe University, Turkey)