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Title Datesort descending Author
Glare and Visibility Mar 01, 1925 M. Luckiesh, L. L. Halladay
Color Temperature Classification of Natural and Artificial Illuminants Mar 01, 1928 Norman MacBeth
Glare Ratings Sep 01, 1945 Ward Harrison
Brightness in Visual Field at Borderline Between Comfort and Discomfort (BDC) Nov 01, 1949 Matthew Luckiesh, Sylvester K. Guth
Evaluation of Glare Jun 01, 1957 R. G. Hopkinson
Derivation, Background and Use of the 'Scissors Curve' Jun 01, 1965 C. L. Crouch
Computing Visual Comfort Ratings for a Specific Interior Lighting Installation Oct 01, 1966 Sylvester K. Guth
Psychological Implications of Color and Illumination May 01, 1969 Faber Birren
New Concepts in Direct Glare Control Apr 01, 1973 Ian Lewin
A Guide to Methodology Procedures for Measuring Subjective Impressions in Lighting Jan 01, 1979 John E. Flynn, AIA/FIES, Clyde Hendrick, Terry Spencer, Osyp Martyniuk