The Active Thermal Manifold Skin

Dec 01, 2011

The Active Thermal Manifold Skin: Feasibility, Prototyping, and Performance Studies of a Wall System Integrating Distributed Solid State, Solar Powered Cooling and Heating Technology
Proposing a thermoelectric-based cooling and heating system integrated in a double skin wall system, the research has thus far designed and mocked up a system at large scale for testing in real-life conditions. Deploying one actively cooled and heated prototype with another ‘control’ prototype of identical construction, experiments are under way to measure the capabilities of the system. Experiments have partially confirmed the qualitative performance of the system as it was originally hypothesized, but more experiments are needed to accumulate the data necessary to describe the capabilities (and shortcomings) of the system as it currently stands. The near-future outcome of the work will be an improved design for the system that will be directly informed by observations of the current system.

Michael D. Gibson (Ball State University)
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The American Institute of Architects

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