Approaching Buildings: A Conceptual Model of Entry Sequence

Jan 01, 1990

Architects have devoted attention to the entry in all forms of architecture. Designers generally believe that the entry sequence is an important element of a building's design and that it can have a tremendous impact on its users. The importance of the entry is often stressed in design education. Despite such strong beliefs about what the entry can offer, little systematic study or documentation has been devoted specifically to the entry. A recent study has begun to examine people's response to entry. It began by developing a conceptual model from issues found In the literature, such as "sense of place", "legibility" and "mystery", and testing a part of that model. This paper continues the examination of that conceptual model in order to further identify the characteristics of a "successful entry".

Brodie Ann Bain (Jay Farbstein & Associates, Inc.)
EDRA21/1990 Proceedings
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Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA)

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