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Place-Bound Relationship: The Missing Components in the New Socialist Countryside Jun 14, 2017 Wei Zhao (University of Utah)
How Can Deep-cultural Patterns Aid in Resettlement? A Case Study of Three Marshallese Communities Jun 14, 2017 James P. Miller (University of Oregon)
Culture, Neuroscience, and Design Sep 23, 2016 Sally Augustin, Ph.D. (Design With Science; American Psychological Association)
SynaptiCity: The Power of Weakness in the Construction of Place Sep 23, 2016 Diego Teixeira (University of Saint Joseph, Macau, China), Menno Cramer (International Society of Biourbanism, Italy)
Evaluative Place-making of the Arts and Craft Movement: A Sustainability Framework Apr 06, 2015 Jeanette Burman (University of Calgary, Canada), Brian R. Sinclair (University of Calgary, Canada; sinclairstudio inc.)
Urban Resilience: Measuring Place Identity in Sustainable Communities Apr 06, 2015 Celen Pasalar (North Carolina State University), George D. Hallowell (North Carolina State University), Aliaa Elabd (Alfaisal University, Riyadh, KSA)
Fieldwork in Ritual Reality: A Qualitative Method in Architectural Research Apr 06, 2015 Marja Sarvimäki (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
The Promenade of the Street: A Spatio-temporal Framework for Design Apr 06, 2015 Mark Blizard (University of Texas at San Antonio), Curtis Fish (University of Texas at San Antonio)
Emotion in the City: The Power of the Weak in the Construction of Place Sep 18, 2014 Diogo Teixeira (University of Saint Joseph, Macau, China)
Bridging Architecture & Psychology in the Learning Environment Sep 18, 2014 Eliana Weiner (Carnegie Mellon University)
Haptic Design Research: A Blind Sense of Place Jun 23, 2010 Jasmien Herssens (UHasselt/ University College Hasselt (PHL); Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (K.U. L, Ann Heylighen (K.U. Leuven)
Re-Using Old Building Facades: A Local Government Effort at Placemaking Jan 01, 1990 Linda Louise Day (College of St. Catherine, St. Paul, Minnesota)
Approaching Buildings: A Conceptual Model of Entry Sequence Jan 01, 1990 Brodie Ann Bain (Jay Farbstein & Associates, Inc.)