Architectural Design and Solar Rights: Legislation or Vernacular

May 16, 1978

Architectural design concerning solar rights affected by solar legislation and the vernacular design process are examined. A brief introductory discussion of the science of solar energy focuses on societal needs and the technology of solar energy. A contrast of British and American law with respect to solar rights is then examined. Solar legislation is placed on a scale and how such legislation influences architectural design is discussed. Finally, the vernacular design process and architecture as an index to any period is examined. It is concluded that legislation will likely be the vehicle by which solar rights are dealt with until the morality of solar rights is expressed in our architecture.

This thesis was presented to the faculty of the University of Cincinnati in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Architecture.

Eric O. Pempus, AIA, Esq., NCARB, LEED GA
Published & professionally reviewed by: 
University of Cincinnati

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