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Title Datesort ascending Author
Developing a Flexible Healthcare Infrastructure Jan 11, 2016
Project Acceleration/Speed to Market Strategies Jan 11, 2016 Rebekah G. Gladson, FAIA, rggroup global
Owner Organization for Successful Outcomes Jan 11, 2016 D. Kirk Hamilton, FAIA, FACHA, Professor of Architecture (Texas A&M University)
Defining The Next Generation’s Focus Jan 11, 2016 Mardelle Shepley, FAIA (Cornell University)
Reducing Capital Costs Jan 11, 2016 Dennis Bausman, PhD (Clemson University)
Improving Green Building Construction in North America: Guide to Integrated Design and Delivery Nov 30, 2015 Nadav Malin, Peter Yost, Candace Pearson
The Impact of Green Design on the Emotional Health of Patients in Children's Healthcare Facilities May 01, 2013 Kimberly M. Riege
Why Invest in High-Performance Green Buildings? Jun 30, 2012 Melissa O’Mara, Shan Bates
Energy Performance Analysis of Building Envelopes Utilizing Blown Fiber Insulation with Microencapsulated Phase Change Material (PCM) Apr 02, 2012 E. Kossecka (Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences), J. Kośny (Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems), D. W. Yarbrough (R&D Services)
Frost Damage of Roof Tiles in Relatively Warm Areas in Japan: Influence of Surface Finish on Water Penetration Apr 02, 2012 Chiemi Iba (Hokkaido Research Organization), Shuichi Hokoi (Kyoto University)
The Concept of Linear and Point Transmittance and its Value in Dealing with Thermal Bridges in Building Enclosures Apr 02, 2012 Neil Norris (Morrison Hershfield), Mark Lawton (Morrison Hershfield), Patrick Roppel (Morrison Hershfield)
Towards a New Hospital Architecture Jan 01, 2012 Angela Burke, MA Art in Architecture
Sustainable Hospital Buildings Oct 01, 2011 Isabelle Kras
Evaluation of a Sustainable Hospital Design based on its Social and Environmental Outcomes Aug 01, 2011 Ziqi Wu
Can an Architect Design a Space that Will Unconsciously Create a Mood that Would Motivate People to Be More Productive? Jul 12, 2011 Irving M. Weiner (Massasoit Community College)
Promising Practices in Safety-Net Clinic Design: An Overview Mar 01, 2011 Amy Keller, M. Arch., Anjali Joseph, Ph.D., Ellen Taylor, A.I.A., M.B.A., Xiaobo Quan, Ph.D., Callie Unruh
Designing Safety-Net Clinics for Cultural Sensitivity Mar 01, 2011 Anjali Joseph, Ph.D., Amy Keller, M.Arch., Ellen Taylor, AIA, MBA, Xiaobo Quan, Ph.D.
Designing Safety-Net Clinics for Flexibility Mar 01, 2011 Ellen Taylor, A.I.A., M.B.A., Anjali Joseph, Ph.D., Amy Keller, M. Arch., Xiaobo Quan, Ph.D.
Designing Safety-Net Clinics for Innovative Care Delivery Models Mar 01, 2011 Xiaobo Quan, Ph.D., Anjali Joseph, Ph.D., Amy Keller, M. Arch., Ellen Taylor, A.I.A., M.B.A.
Impact of Green Building Design on Healthcare Occupants Jan 01, 2011 Ying Huang,
A Multidimensional Framework for Assessing Patient Room Configurations Feb 01, 2009 Debajyoti Pati, PhD, AIIA, Thomas E. Harvey, Jr., AIA, MPH, FACHA, Evelyn Reyers, AIA, Jennis Evans, RN, BS, Laurie Waggener, RRT, BSID, Marjorie Serrano, RN, AIA, Rachel Saucier, AIA, Tina Nagle
Review of the Research Literature on Evidence-Based Healthcare Design Sep 01, 2008 Roger S. Ulrich, Craig Zimring, PhD , Xuemei Zhu, Jennifer DuBose, MS , Hyun-Bo Seo, Young-Seon Choi, Xiaobo Quan , Anjali Joseph
Maximizing The Impact of Nursing Care Quality Sep 01, 2008 Ann Hendrich, MSN, RN, FAAN , Marilyn Chow, RN, DNS, FAAN
Implementing Healthcare Excellence: The Vital Role of the CEO in Evidence-Based Design Sep 01, 2008 Craig M. Zimring, PhD , Godfried L. Augenbroe, MSCE , Eileen B. Malone, RN, MSN , Blair L. Sadler, JD
Business Case for Building Better Hospitals Through Evidence-Based Design Jan 01, 2008 Blair L. Sadler, JD, Jennifer R. DuBose, MS, Eileen B. Malone, RN, MSN, Craig M. Zimring, PhD