Building Enclosure Meets Structure

Apr 16, 2018

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The interaction of the building enclosure and the supporting structure is a unique relationship that is building specific. While a key function of the building envelope is used to express the aesthetics features of the building, it is expected to provide the main line of protection against the environmental elements. This unique requirement is coupled with an expressive structure that has its own requirements and movements.
This presentation addresses a unique project highlighting the interplay of structure and building envelope for the largest hospital in the USA with extensive large cantilevered structure supporting multiple floors above. The key aspects for consideration and integration are discussed during design, testing and installation phases.

Dudley McFarquhar, PhD, PE CEO and Principal, McFarquhar Group Inc,
Presented at: 
Building Enclosure Science and Technology (BEST5) Conference
Published & professionally reviewed by: 
BEST5 Technical Committee

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