The Concepts and Terminology of Illuminating Engineering

Jul 01, 1907

In the infancy of a science the concepts regarding it are necessarily neither very clear nor definite. The terminology of a science always lags far behind the actual state of the science itself. We must have the thing before we have a name for it - we must have the concept before we have a word to express it. An exact terminology, as contrasted with a loose one, is found to be more and more essential in proportion as its concepts develop and as the science itself progresses in exactitude. As long as the treatment of the science is qualitative only, no particular need is felt for an exact terminology. As, however, the science becomes quantitative and involves exact measurements of the quantities entering into it, the need for a terminology which is correspondingly precise is felt.

Clayton H. Sharp
Published & professionally reviewed by: 
Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)

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