Delivering Healthy Environments via Private Finance Initiative (PFI)

Jul 01, 2005

Can good environments for the delivery of healthcare be successfully achieved under the Private Finance Initiative (PFI)? This paper draws lessons from the experience of Anshen Dyer Architects’ decade-long involvement in the planning and design of PFI healthcare projects. This paper indicates how issues that affect the creation of healthy environments were addressed in several recent hospital projects. It offers examples from four aspects of hospital design: physical integration with the surrounding community; a lively, coherent campus; optimal building blocks, adjacencies, and flows for clinical efficiency; and physical environments that promote healing.

Kenneth Schwarz (Anshen+Allen San Francisco; Anshen Dyer London)
Presented at: 
Design & Health World Congress & Exhibition (WCDH 2005, Frankfurt)
Published & professionally reviewed by: 
The International Academy for Design and Health

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