Design Solutions to Improve Healthcare Access and Outcomes - Kaiser Permanente Antelope Valley Medical Offices

Nov 21, 2017

What: Nonprofit Kaiser Permanente integrated healthcare delivery system sought to provide a high work efficiency among staff in the Antelope Valley Medical Offices in Lancaster, CA.

Why: Kaiser Permanente's goal was to determine if healthcare organizations can use the built environment as a way to promote healthy living.

The Antelope Valley Medical Offices is a standalone, newly constructed three-story facility in a semi-rural desert area. The site provides specialty services to address the chronic conditions of the population, including obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Its key design strategy was a strong effort toward "intentional" design: leveraging design opportunities to "get more without paying more." Sustainable strategies of its intentional design, with a special focus on sustainability include an exterior living wall of drought-resistant plants and in interior courtyard with a pond that captures natural light and promotes evaporative cooling. The design process included extensive community involvement. Its programs include "Walk with a Doc," using the facility's outdoor walking paths as one of the staff doctors talks about strategies for healthier living. The facility, which opened in 2014, is certified LEED Platinum.

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