Dynamic Composite Cladding

May 13, 2015

Dynamic Composite Cladding is a collaborative research project that attempts to recast typical low cost cladding as a high performance, customized system. The focus of this research is to produce a next generation cladding system that departs from the conventional environmental and aesthetic thinking for a building façade. The composite cladding is designed to be a dynamically responsive yet inert facade system with a very low cost of production and installation. While the primary challenge for the system may be understood as being an environmentally responsive wall assembly without mechanical actuation — the aesthetic performance is positioned as an equal priority by applying complex visual design logics as surface topology. The research emerged out of a partnership established between an advanced composites manufacturing company, an architecture firm and the academy.

Jefferson Ellinger (University of North Carolina, Charlotte)
Presented at: 
2015 AIA / ACSA Intersections Symposium
Published & professionally reviewed by: 
The American Institute of Architects
Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA)

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