Energy Consumption Building Performance Models

Jan 01, 1974

Investigation has shown that poor design and construction techniques in the building industry have produced many buildings which contribute greatly to the "energy crisis." These buildings waste energy, and approximately 40 percent of this wasted energy is due to poor design. Energy is consumed in buildings in many different ways; however, modern computer techniques allow the development of easily used pre-construction energy consumption building simulation models. The theory utilized in these models is explained and three existing models are discussed in this paper. The three models presented demonstrate the three sectors currently investigating energy consumption: commercial, educational and governmental. While energy consumption prediction techniques are currently available, these must be used by architects and engineers to be effective. In addition, more research is necessary to ensure that prediction techniques are utilized to their maximum benefit. Suggested areas of future investigation are material properties, man-environment interaction with energy saving measures and conservation devices for existing construction.

William M. Lucas, Jr. (University of Kansas)
EDRA5/1974 Proceedings
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Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA)

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