Form Follows Function: KieranTImberLake Architects

Apr 13, 2015

This presentation offers KieranTImberlake Architects' worldview of research and integrated design, explaining a number of the products and processes that the renowned and recognized Philadelphia architecture firm employs. It explains how the firm's approach has developed in the last seven years from one that has research at its core--supporting design, innovation, and invention--to design/invent/innovate at its core--supporting architecture, research, and communication. The concepts are illustrated by case studies of a number of KieranTimberlake's awarding buildings.

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David Riz, KieranTimberlake Architects
Proceedings of the BEST4 Conference
Presented at: 
BEST4 Conference
Published & professionally reviewed by: 
BEST4 Technical Committee, National Institute of Building Sciences

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