Integrated Design Process a Concept for Green Energy Engineering

Mar 31, 2013

• In an integrated design, energy, construction, economics, site, and other aspects of a project become the primary design parameters and are integrated with the architectural concept rather than being an add on.

This paper views Integrated Design Process as a process tool and a concept for management and organization of the green energy engineering process. The paper discusses two building projects focusing on teams of engineers and architects in the early conceptual phase. One develops a solution focused on energy saving technologies, the other on energy producing. The various players agree that an increased interdisciplinary interaction in the design team is necessary in order to comply with the increased complexity of green energy building design. IDP shows potential as a driver for green energy engineering and technologies.

Koch, C. & Buhl, H. (2013), ""Integrated Design Process" a Concept for Green Energy Engineering," Engineering, 5(3): 292-298.

Christian Koch
Henrik Buhl

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