A Journey in Integrated Design - The Renewal of Ketchum Arts and Sciences Building at the University of Colorado, Boulder

Apr 12, 2010

The renewal of Ketchum Arts and Sciences Building began as a typical budget-constrained project to update this historic structure with modern windows, add insulation and a new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Instead, the design team and client applied integrated design team techniques and decision criteria to produce an architectural and mechanical design that transforms the entire building into a modern system. In modernizing for energy efficiency, durability, and consistency to the architectural character, well-reasoned design choices were based on computational fluid dynamics, hygrothermal analysis, energy modeling and design team and contractor input.

The rigor with which the mechanical and architectural features were assessed in an integrated design team environment makes the renovation of Ketchum Arts and Sciences Building into auniversal case study of how a historic structure is transformed into an energy efficient moderndesign. The final design is awaiting funding to be implemented.

Linda Morrison, PE (Ambient Energy)
Melanie Short, AIA (SlaterPaul Architects)
Michael Kaufman (Ambient Energy)
Presented at: 
Building Enclosure Science & Technology (BEST2) Conference
Published & professionally reviewed by: 
Ambient Energy
Building Enclosure Technology & Environment Council (National Institute of Building Sciences)

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