Leading Techniques for Energy Savings in Healthcare Facilities

Aug 01, 2006

Healthcare executives today face energy costs that continue to rise, creating very difficult challenges managing the facility operating budget. Hospitals and clinics have high energy demands due to 24x7 availability, medical imaging equipment, and special requirements for clean air and disease control. Acute and extended care facilities must manage energy consumption to achieve optimal patient care, comfort and safety as efficiently as possible. Hence, healthcare managers must take new and creative steps that put energy costs in check, both for regulatory compliance and sustainable business goals. This paper is intended to raise awareness of the many areas of potential savings that relate to energy consumption at healthcare facilities. Cost- effective recommendations and best practices will be outlined, demonstrating how management can take action to address their energy inefficiencies and implement energy programs. The reader will also learn some of the often overlooked techniques that comprehensively address energy conservation and increased building operating efficiency. Finally, this paper will discuss several examples where Schneider Electric has effectively applied building automation products and related services to provide optimal facility operations at the lowest possible energy costs.

Schneider Electric

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