Learning from Exterior Wall Problems

Apr 02, 2012

The exterior “cladding” or “skin” gives a building architectural character and protection from the elements. It can also be a source of major headaches for both building owners and property managers. The exterior may be an aluminum and glass curtain wall, stone veneer, brick veneer, precast, metal panels, or a complex mixture of many other components. Building facades have a minimum expected life of approximately 20 years. Unfortunately, many building facades require major renovation much sooner, and sealants are one major component that requires maintenance. Defects often manifest themselves in the form of leakage, stains, “unexplained” glass breakage or cracks in stone panels. Key factors are provided for Property Managers and Building Engineers to properly address the evaluation of the exterior façade.

Joseph P. Solinski (Stone & Glazing Consulting)
Presented at: 
Building Enclosure Science & Technology (BEST3) Conference
Published & professionally reviewed by: 
Stone & Glazing Consulting
Building Enclosure Technology & Environment Council (National Institute of Building Sciences)

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