The New Science of Seeing

Jan 01, 1930

Seeing is the result of a partnership of lighting and vision. Extensive though incomplete knowledge is available pertaining to the eyes and to the visual sense. The optical profession deals with this partner which by means of lenses, if necessary, is best fitted for its work. Lighting is a relatively new art in whose accomplishments the lighting profession can take justifiable pride. However, relatively little has been accomplished in the development of the partnership of lighting and vision which results in seeing. Since artificial light has become highly controllable in quality, quantity, and distribution, we have the need of and opportunity to develop a new science - seeing. The author present systematized glimpses of the results of scientific investigations, which aim to show that this new science of seeing is in the making. Upon a foundation of this new science the seeing specialist has an opportunity to develop and to serve the work-world, so that human beings may conserve and utilize their routines to the best advantage of themselves and of civilization.

M. Luckiesh
F. K. Moss
Presented at: 
Annual Convention of the Illuminating Engineering Society
Published & professionally reviewed by: 
Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)

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