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Title Datesort ascending Author
[Architecture Without Vision] Challenging the Societal Dependence upon Vision in Perception Sep 23, 2016 Betsy Nolen, Assoc. AIA (Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners), Madlen Simon, AIA (University of Maryland)
Wearable Neuroimaging and Emotion Sep 18, 2014 Marissa Lindquist (Queensland University of Technology), Anthony Williams (University of Newcastle and Avondale College of Higher Education), Adekunle Oloyede (Queensland University of Technology)
Mesopic Vision in Architecture: Exploring Connections between Visual Comfort and Heightened Awareness Sep 18, 2014 Ben McDonald (Montalba Architects, Inc.)
Performance of Complex Tasks Under Different Levels of Illumination Jul 01, 1976 Stanley W. Smith, Ph.D.
Visual Performance Under Conditions of Transient Adaptation Aug 01, 1963 Robert M. Boynton, Norma D. Miller
Development and Use of a Quantitative Method for Specification of Interior Illumination Levels on the Basis of Performance Data Jun 01, 1959 H. Richard Blackwell
Assessment of Brightness Apr 01, 1957 R. G. Hopkinson
The New Science of Seeing Jan 01, 1930 M. Luckiesh, F. K. Moss
Luminous Efficiency Feb 01, 1910 Herbert E. Ives